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even though you broke my heart a few weeks back..i still love you :p

Happy Birthday NINO~~~~~~~~~!!!!
you're so totally stuck on being 17 xD

to my darling little brat

Happy 27th Birthday!!

hontou ni daisuki~~~~~!! wishing you with everything happiness! more and more blessings! always stay healthy! be the same little brat and tsukkomi! there's actually nothing more else i could wish for..xD i hope you'd get to celebrate your special day with your loved ones and Arashi and of course us fans are celebrating it on our own touching ways..that's how much we love you!! ^_^
i wonder what gifts he'll get?? Riida, take him out on a date already!! 


Ohno, i seriously wanna pinch those chubby cheeks of yours, even though you're dark xD
i wanna keep him as a pet LOL

ok, that's just me being random again, i was just browsing my pictures folders then i saw this screencap and...:p

saw the oricon news with regards to MONSTER sales, i've always been hoping that it'll surpass Troublemaker's and im so glad it did! ^_^ by a mere thousand xD
it was the same with last year's isn't it? AnK surpassed Believe's first week sales as well
so is this gonna be a repeat of the good things that happened in their 10th year? it's still too early but im just giggling on the possibilities..hehehehe
congratulations to our Arashi dorks! despite not doing any promotions at all, well i guess the bratty Kaibutsu-kun has a lot to do with it too..^_^
looking forward to Friday!

tadaima to me! xD

it's been so long since i last posted an entry in my LJ page, why am i not surprised?! :p
out of the blue i was suddenly posting in here, that's me being random xD
i guess it wouldn't hurt letting my presence felt in my own LJ page deshou?

i just dropped by to slack off in here for the meantime, so while slacking off im currently listening to Miho Fukuhara, anyone else knows her?
she's a really good singer! i love her new single, Mirai / Moshikashite which was released this May 19 though unfortunately she wasn't able to rank within the top 10 on the first day, and that's what makes me feel sad, i actually thought, she might be at par with Ayaka (probably because of the deep voice?). I really would like to see her someday receive the kind of popularity she deserves! please take a listen to her minna!

Future ~Mirai~

translation help please!!!

i've been bugged about these ones for a certain time now and im getting impatient that it still hasn't been translated..a rather silly and childish whining from me..gomenasai..but im really dying to know what they say..much more it's a ranking type..you know rankings are my favorite..LMAO
so please a little help!! and one might wonder why im so anxious about this, because i can read some familiar JE names, that's why!! xDDDDDD