amazing Truth PV!!

just a very totally random post.. XDDD
because im bored so i decided to just watch Arashi vids at Youtube..then this one video uploaded, actually Arashi's Truth PV, had an amazing view rate!!! yay!! i actually didn't expect that..LMAO and reading some comments, mostly are in japanese, others seems like they're just new when it comes to Arashi but they already love the song and the PV..knowing this just really makes me happy, and more contented and proud being an Arashi all might wanna watch it again, let's increase the view rate!! hahahaha

mods, ok i actually don't know how to tag this post..pardon..

Maou OST

i know that a lot really would like to have the OST, so here, i finally found some dload links on the OST..all credits goes to baidu specifically toma's baidu bar..they're such angels..XDDD hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!! *bows*

if encountering problems or doesn't know how to dload from these hosting files since they're mostly in chinese, just comment, id gladly help.. im currently downloading the file.. XDD

need help..XD

just wanna ask where i can download the raws for Arashi's recent guesting in Utaban?? dying in anticipation here.. thanks a bunch!!
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Hanadan 2 at TFPII

im like 200% desperate in finding that certain guesting of the Hanadan cast at TFPII!! im not referring to the recent one, im talking about their very first guesting where Matsuda Shota is also present.. so please!! if anyone knows where i can download or watch that, kindly inform me!!

Zettai Kareshi OST

Original soundtrack to the hit Japanese TV series "Zettai Kareshi" composed by Yuko Fukushima.

       click on pic to download
1. 未知の到来
2. 森の音色
3. テーブルクロスの上で
4. サイバーテイル
5. 風船の国
6. もう少しこのままで
7. イルミネイト・イリュージョン
8. エール
9. 電脳世界の神殿
10. 別れの日
11. おかえり
12. 凱旋
13. Duel
14. DaiLy
16. feel the wind
17. tear drop
18. Good luck
19. Gravity
20. Believe